Hey, I’m Emma.

Seattle-based freelance writer with a creative flair.

And if you’re in food, fashion, or finance, I can craft you killer content that converts.

Why work with me?

I dig deep.

Any old Joe Schmoe can write surface-level content. I always look below the surface to find those unearthed details. Asking lots of questions and devouring research are part of my M.O. so you can be sure all your content bases will be covered.

I’m a details gal.

Making sure every detail is just right makes me happy. Your project will be polished down to the fine details. You don’t have to worry about losing a customer to a pesky little typo or inconsistent brand voice.

I’ve got the “write” tactics.

Writing to connect with your audience isn’t really about perfect grammar or essay-style. It’s about writing that lives and breathes and makes your customer feel like they’re connecting with you over an oat milk latte (or whatever your drink of choice may be). I’ve got the chops to grab their attention in the first paragraph and hold onto it ’til the last one.

Looking for more deets?

Whether your company is an entrepreneurial non-profit, a sustainable business, B Corps, or purpose-driven brand, communicating your complex value takes clarity. Let me take care of your writing needs. With over 6 years of professional writing experience, I know how to write content that wins brand loyalty.

I’ve written for publications such as the Baltimore Business Journal and Luxe Digital, as well as for businesses and social enterprises such as HopeWorks Social Enterprises, Carry 117, JBD Clothiers, and Skipping Stones Occupational Therapy.

I can help you with projects like:

  • Blog posts and blog content strategy
  • Published articles
  • White papers
  • Website copy
  • Ebooks
  • Product descriptions
  • Ad copy

Want to engage your audience well and grab those missed connections?